Taste of Asia in Marie's Kitchen

Kowloon, Hong Kong

From HK$380/person
Sai Kung Singaporean, Portuguese

Chef Marie

Chef Marie is originally from Singapore; she is a traveler and has been flying around the globe because of her work for the past decade.

Marie cooks some of the very best Singapore Laksa, and her curry dishes are just perfect. She loves to meet new friends and is a great host. Just believe that everyone joining her private dinner will be surprised by her passion for food and her rousing and warm welcome.

Make sure you have an empty your stomach for her feast.

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April 2020
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min. 6; up to 12



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Mon to Sat
7 pm ~ 10 pm
Not Available on Sun


Traditional Nonya
at chef's place (min. 6)
  • ***
    6-course set dinner
    with drinks
  • - Appetizer -
    "Sayur Masak Lemak"
    Vegetables in rish Spicy Coconut Gravy
  • - Main Course -
    "Babi Pong Tay"
    Stewed Port
  • - Main Course -
    "Ikan Masak Assam Pedas"
    Curry King Crab with Tradition sauce and Red/Green Pepper
  • - Main Course -
    Nonya Chicken Curry
  • - Small Plate -
    Steam Rice
  • - Dessert -
    "None Kush"
    Nonya Cakes
  • - Complementary -
    Red / White Wine
Marie's Indian Night
at chef's place (min. 6)
  • ***
    5-course set dinner
    with drinks
  • - Appetizer -
    "Palak Paneer"
    Indian Cottage Cheese & Spinach Curry
  • - Main Course -
    Goanesse Fish Curry
  • - Main Course -
    "Murg Makhani"
    Butter chicken
  • - Main Course -
    "Dum Gosht"
    Lamb Cooked in Indian Spices
  • - Dessert -
    Ice Cream
  • - Complementary -
    Red / White Wine
Melaccan - Portuguese Cuisine Night
at chef's place (min. 6)
  • ***
    5-course set dinner
    with drinks
  • - Appetizer -
    "Bredu Chap Chye"
    Traditional Mixed Vegetables
  • - Main Course -
    "Baca Soy"
    Beef in Soy
  • - Main Course -
    "Porcu Tambrinyu"
    Pork in Tamarind Gravy
  • - Main Course -
    "Galinha Coco"
    Chicken in Coconut Gravy
  • - Dessert -
    "Doce de Obu"
    Egg Custard Cake
  • - Complementary -
    Red / White Wine

House Rules

- Welcome to bring your own drink;
- Usually dinner has to finish by 10 pm;
- Smoking is allowed outside;

Standard Cancellation Policy

Full refund on meal if cancelled by guest 72 hours before the applicable event date. Please notices us by email support@travoasia.com with your name, contact number and booking number.

Chef's Notes

- We have professional wine suggestion, please let us know you want it with your meal;
- My home is located in Sai Kung (near Tseung Kwan O). See you soon!

Wine Pairing

Professional wine suggestion with this meal

El Renegado Tinto De Autor

Spain/ Red Wine, Organic / Bobal / 13.00% vol. / 2012 $140/bottle - Free Delivery Fee -

Krebs Gewürztraminer Spätlese

Germany / White Wine / Gewürztraminer / 11.50% vol. / 2014 $150/bottle - Free Delivery Fee -

Foodies Reviews

“I love Marie! She is the best home chef I've ever met. She has her passion on food, her dishes are so amazing!”
Josephine W.
“It was an unforgettable night for me and my friends! Thanks for your dinner and they were perfect for us! We'll return.”
Sara T.

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