How it work?

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TravoAsia connects home cooks who love cooking & hosting dinners with
foodies who love eating authentic home cooked meals.

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We have different cuisines on TravoAsia, from Hong Kong local seafood to Thai, Singapore, Chinese, Italian, French and much more. Just browse your location and see which kitchen and chef is available at your chosen date.

Book a seat

There are 2 types of reservation, Reserved Table and Share Table.

  • Reserved Table
    It will be your own private dining, the chef will be only serve you and your group of people.

  • Share Table
    Reservation will be opened for any one. It should be a good chance to meet new friends during this dining experience.

  • If your group number of people has been met the chef’s minimum requirement, it will be your own private dining.

    Go to your wanna-join menu, select your booking date and pick a menu.

    We suggest that contact us first and check the availability of the date and vacancy before go through the payment process. We always reply you within 24 hours.

    Secure payment

    We handle all payments for you using a secure online payment system. You can pay via Pay pal or direct bank transfer (Hong Kong district only). If you have any issues regarding payments, please email to or click on the "Contact us" button and we will do our best to help you.

    Enjoy the meal

    Once the payment is received, you will get the chef’s address(if need) and contact number.

    On the date of your booking time, attend to the venue, and our chef will be ready to prepare that amazing meal for you.

    Don’t be shy to ask questions should you have any regarding the transportation or direction to the venue. Both our chefs and we are willing and committed to helping you out!

    Looking for a special dishes and customize menu?

    Talk to our chefs and TravoAsia Supporting Team!

    Our chefs are pleased to listen to your plan and whatever you want, be it a family private dinner or enjoying a meal with Interesting people, we are committed to fulfilling your wish.

    If you are looking for some dishes that are unique and hard to find, please contact us;
    we are pleased to help you look for them.

    Besides, we are happy to customize a perfect meal for you to suit any purpose!

    Want to be one of our chefs?

    It’s easy and FREE!

    We welcome anyone who loves food and cooking, love to meet new friends and showcase your culinary skills!

    Please leave us some information and we will be in touch with you shortly!

    Believe us! We can fulfill your Chef’s Dream of setting up a Private Dining Experience.

    How's the cancellation policy?

    It is always possible to cancel your booking.

    TravoAsia has 2 type of Cancellation Policy, a few refunding rules TravoAsia community follows to make cancellation fair to both Guests and Chefs. The following rules only apply to paid reservations:

  • Standard Cancellation Policy
    Full refund on meal if cancelled by guest 72 hours before the applicable event date. (Paypal service charge will be deduct form the refund amount).

  • Strict Cancellation Policy –
    Menu with strict cancellation policy means the chef has its own cancellation policy.
    (Most of the time it is due to the time frame need to order the best quality ingredients from overseas and the time require to prepare the meal).

  • Customers can always find the details with the menu.

    If there is an extreme weather condition in the cities where the dinner was to be hosted on your day of reservation, we may contact the host to reschedule the date or the following cancellation policy may apply:

  • Bad Weather

    Black rain / Typhoon 8: 100% Refund

    As the rule of thumb, if you have questions and need help with your booking, please contact us directly.

  • TravoAsia Personal Chef

    We understand that sometime you need a little more privacy or you rather enjoy a cozy and comfortable meal right at your home. Therefore we provide TravoAsia Personal Chef for you.

    With personal chef, you can choose the menu and chef that you like. Chefs will prepare all the fresh ingredients and on the selected date, he/she will come to your home and prepare the full set of meal right at your kitchen.

    Price listed with personal chef include all the ingredients and services charges. There is no extra cost on site. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the prefect dinner with your friends and family.

    Cancellation policy will be strict as all of the chefs are passionate about the food and it takes longer time to prepare and they block their time for each customers. We appreciate that you would confirm each booking in the latest 7 days in advance. Some personal chefs will need to order ingredient from overseas, therefore it will need to confirm booking 7 days before the event.

    Once you booked with a menu on TravoAsia, we will confirm the booking with you within 24 hours, once the booking is confirm. You may process with the payment online with Paypal, Credit card or bank transfer in a local bank in Hong Kong.

    Detail payment instruction will be given once the booking is confirm and you can always reach us by email/ WhatsApp.